Nov 02 2018
November FIRST FRIDAY with the Circle City Industr...

November FIRST FRIDAY with the Circle City Industr...

Presented by Circle City Industrial Complex Artists at Circle City Industrial Complex

November marks the grand opening of newly-added second floor studio spaces, adding 22 new artists to the CCIC and bringing the total number of artists within the CCIC to 90. The Circle City Industrial Complex has become a destination for art appreciators and supporters of local work. Just northeast of the Mass Ave. Art and Theatre Cultural District, at 1125 Brookside Ave., the CCIC Artists First Friday programming is a must-see stop, while events and viewable hours continue throughout the month.

“It has been our goal, since we purchased the CCIC in 2015, to add additional studio space, which is our most requested space type,” said Rachel Ferguson, vice president of Teagen Development. “We were thrilled to receive many times more applications for space than the 20 studios we constructed this summer, and were able to assemble a great group of talented, diverse, and committed new artists. We’re excited to have all the fresh energy and faces in the building.”

The Circle City Industrial Complex is now celebrating its centennial anniversary as a facility, marking back to its founding in 1918 by racing grandfather Louis Schwitzer, for whom the second floor gallery space is named. Ferguson adds that Teagen Development is currently recruiting tenants for the next stage of renovation: the south end of the massive building, around Centerpoint Brewing. This new stage of development will only compliment the arts hub. “We certainly have the most designated studio spaces of any building in the city,” said Ferguson.

The Main Entrance of the building (identified by its black marble façade) provides easy access to both the South Studios and the North Studios (with a wheelchair accessible ramp and elevator). Maps of the building are also available in several locations to help visitors find all that the building has to offer.

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Schwitzer Gallery
“Together We can,” a multi-media group exhibit by the Women of Indianapolis Arts, will showcase 50 female artists in and around Indianapolis.  WOIA is an online group dedicated to raising awareness about gender inequality in the arts, as well as bringing together all of the women who contribute to the arts in Indianapolis. WOIA member and Full Circle Nine Gallery founder Joy Hernandez will be hosting the event, which will cover a wide variety of media, with each artist showcasing their own unique viewpoint and talent.

“WOIA was formed so female-identifying Indianapolis artists could come together, network, and share resources,” said Katie Josway, the group’s founder. “I love that members are using the network to make things happen amongst themselves. It was always meant to be a group, run by the group. And it’s so rewarding to see that happen.”

Stokol Gallery
“REDACT: the words you wanted,” a Satch Artist installation show, will continues in the Stokol Gallery, following up Banned Books Week. “REDACT: the words you wanted” pulls from the DH Lawrence controversial novel, “Lady Chatterley’s Lover.” First published in 1928, this book was banned in its unexpurgated version until 1960 in the United States. Satch draws inspiration from the power of the printed word and turns back the clock on our social landscape. The Stokol Gallery is located on the first floor of the North Studios.

Shelby Alexander
Mixed-media artist, illustrator and graphic designer Shelby Alexander will be premiering her new space at the CCIC. A Notre Dame grad who also studied fashion at the Pratt Institute in NYC, Alexander works primarily with secondhand textiles to explore the ecological effects of fast fashion as the second largest polluter in the world. She will also feature her most recent body of large-scale mixed-media work. Shelby Alexander is located in Studio 42 on the second floor of the North Studios.

Jeffrey Allen
Metal sculptor Jeffrey Allen will be showing work for the May First Friday. Having practiced the craft of welding and sculpting for over 20 years, the former active duty Marine has traveled the world and his art is influenced by the world’s beauty and mythology. Jeffrey Allen is located in the First Floor Corridor.

Arts & Images by Anthony Armstrong
Anthony Armstrong is a self-taught abstract painter and photographer. While displaying mostly in monochrome, Armstrong’s photography captures the culture of the people and places as he’s traveled both domestically and internationally. “The absence of color often helps the viewer see the texture and life of a photograph,” said Armstrong. He also stretches his creative limbs into the world of mixed-media paintings, using abstract as his primary form of expression but also exploring minimalism, contemporary, and modern art. Anthony Armstrong is located in Studio B11 of the South Studios.

Roberta Avidor
Painter Roberta Avidor returns to her birthplace of Indianapolis after spending time in Michigan, New York City (Parsons School of Design), and the Twin Cities, offering regional explorations in oil and watercolor paints for her premiere at the CCIC. “My paintings celebrate the city and the places where people gather,” said Avidor. “My deep interest in urban design and dynamics fuel my desire to portray this vitality. I like to focus on the positive elements that connect us all.” Roberta Avidor is located in Studio 34 on the second floor of the North Studios.

BEBITO Toys are one-of-a-kind quirky plush items made from recycled and repurposed fabrics, making for unique gifts or additions to a personal collection that are fun, brightly colored, and durable. Rachel Hedges, the creator of Bebito, also offers greeting cards and embroidered artwork. BEBITO Toys is located on the second floor of the North Studios.

The Co-Lab
Marilyn Gatin, scientist and artist, presents “Mourning,” portraits of non-existent faces created from recycled electronic waste. Her work was created to mourn and memorialize the loss of dear loved ones, as art-assisted mourning has helped Gatin through loss. The Co-Lab is located in S24 on the second floor of the North Studios.

Chad Eby
Chad Eby is an artist, maker, and educator working with light, sound, physical computing, and digital fabrication. “(Nearly) everything is better with blinky lights,” said Eby. He makes his premiere at the CCIC and invites visitors to come by and see what’s cooking. Chad Eby is located in Studio 34 on the second floor of the North Studios.

Daily Epiphany Studio
Michele Burns and Kurt Kriese will share the evening in Studio B17. Kriese will show landscapes, large abstract paintings, and stained glass, while Burns will feature new “Nightlight Art,” photoluminescent paintings and mobiles painted with her own photoluminescent paint recipe that retains its glow all night long. Daily Epiphany Studio B17 is located in the South Studios.

Darkroom Revelations – Gallery C7A

Darkroom Revelations will host “Revered Lands,” presenting the large format photography of Alan McConnell, of Delphi, Indiana. His images showcase grand and intimate landscapes across the country. Darkroom Revelations will have an opening reception on Thursday, November 1st, 6-8pm, as well as a closing reception on Saturday, November 17th, 1-3pm. Darkroom Revelations – Gallery C7A is located on the first floor of the North Studios.
Darkroom Revelations Studio C13

Stephanie Doty
​Stephanie Doty will have an open studio, showing new mixed media work on canvas and paper. Stephanie Wilhelm, from Clear Creek Creations, will also be showing a new line of beaded jewelry, for sale. Stephanie Doty’s studio is located on the second floor of the North Studios.

Five Seasons Studio
Martha Nahrwold “Marbled Impressionism—Between Calm and Chaos,” an exhibit of new landscapes illustrating the change from autumn’s jewel colors to the cool starkness of winter, created by floating inks on water. Nahrwold has been an artist at the CCIC for over 20 years, creating mixed-media work focusing on experimental water media. Tweaking a centuries’ old technique, she creates landscapes, seascapes, and tree studies with a contemporary look. Five Seasons Studio is located on the first floor of the North Studios, across from Lick Ice Cream.

Full Circle Nine Gallery
“Put Some Glass On It—A Reclamation by the Versatility of Glass,” by mosaic artist Nicole Staab, will be the featured at FC9. “Just as there is versatility in glass, there is use and new purpose for items unfortunately destined for a trash pile,” said Nicole Staab. “By combining various mediums with something as beautiful as stained glass, I am able to convert otherwise discarded items into something new, beautiful, and inspiring. Full Circle Nine Gallery is located in the South Studios, in B21.

Indy Artsy
Premiering for November, Indy Artsy will unveil a new gallery space, featuring long-time CCIC artist Katrina J. Murray, and her show “Handle Me With Care,” a title derived from the Traveling Wilburys soundtrack. Murray will present an extension of her collage works on paper, including an exploration of ceramic work as an extension of collage. She assembles biomorphic ceramic pieces to form larger sculpture. “In my art practice, I enjoy the play of moving from one media to the next,” explains Murray. “Forcing the mind to think two dimensionally then three dimensionally and back again. Working with similar color, pattern and form in all three media. Discovering endless outcomes within the self-imposed parameters.” Indy Artsy will also show ceramic pieces by owner Julie Edwards, as well as a variety of handcrafted items from local artists. Indy Artsy is located on the first floor of the North Studios.

M10 Studio
M10 Studio will feature the fine art traditional process photography of David Kidwell. Kidwell, an Indianapolis industrial and product photographer, uses tintype collodian—wet plate—photography for his fine art work. Widely used in the 1860’s and 1870’s, the tintype, or ferrotype, process produces uniquely beautiful images on metal plates. M10 studios is located on the first floor of the North Studios.

Nancy Lee Designs
Nancy Lee continues her “A Sparkling Diamond Celebration: Ten Years at the Circle City Industrial Complex,” an anniversary collection. by Nancy Lee, will premiere. While the traditional 10th anniversary metal is tin, diamond jewelry is also a favored gift. Nancy Lee’s anniversary show focuses primarily on rings and earrings set with black and white gemstones. Lee will have faceted and raw diamond pieces, along with gems like white sapphire and moonstone—which is a favorite—black spinel, and some very nice cubic zirconia, at a variety of price points. Nancy Lee Designs is located in Suite C4 on the first floor of the North Studios.

Anastasia Maroney
Anastasia Maroney is a contemporary abstract painter educated at Indiana University and the University of Tennessee and will be showing current work and from within the previous year that focus on the use of color and texture, as part of her premiere at the CCIC. Her work is predominantly biographical in nature, and stands as a reflection of her Christian beliefs. “It is about connecting to the aesthetic beauty in the world, and to my soul, to my spirit, and God,” said Maroney. Always seeking to make the invisible visible, she reveals emotion, relationships, or beliefs through abstract representations in color, texture, and pattern. “While my techniques or media may change and evolve as my ideas mature, the principles of pattern and repetition are generally prevalent throughout my work, since life, on its most basic level, repeats itself.” Anastasia Maroney is located in Studio S27 on the second floor of the North Studios.

Patricia McCormick and Sara Wines
Patricia McCormick presents “Slightly Polished + Semi Precious,” a collection of diverse small works that ask the viewer to believe in “everyday” beautiful, and average desires to be phenomenal. McCormick teams up with guest artist Becca Hall, a self-taught artist working in acrylic paint and heavily influenced by pop art and gaming culture. McCormick is a mixed media artist with a background in traditional darkroom photography and printmaking, with an interest in the way meaning changes when images, especially photographs, are manipulated and combined with different media. She is currently contemplating the meanings of feminine, definitions of womanhood and transformation. Studio C03 is on the first floor of the North Studios.

Katrina J. Murray Studio and Gallery
Educated at the Herron School of Art and Design and Ivy Tech Katrina Murray studied art history in Italy and lived for a time in Germany. A native of Brown County, Indiana, Murray now makes her home in Indianapolis and has held a longtime studio at the CCIC.  She sustained a concussion from an auto accident in 2015, the recovery from which changed her art from painting-based to collage-based. Now, at the nearby Indy Artsy, Murray will show some of her work in her studio but will have an expanded presentation at Indy Artsy. Katrina J. Murray Studio and Gallery is located on the second floor of the North Studios.

Shawn M. Niles Gallery & Studios
Photographer Shawn M. Niles opens his new gallery and studio space at the CCIC. “Opening a gallery has been a long time goal of mine, and I was fortunate enough to secure a space in the new studios at the CCIC,” said Niles. “The gallery will primarily be a venue for me to exhibit my work, and entertain all of you when it’s not busy doubling as a studio for me to work in.” He has plans for guest artists in the future and is excited to join the community. Shawn M. Niles Gallery & Studios is located in S26 on the second floor of the North Studios.

Amanda Noftsier
Amanda Noftsier is working on pieces for her application to atelier programs in Boston and Philadelphia. Visitors can expect to see still-life drawings and paintings in various stages along with a self -portrait and figure studies. She will have various animal paintings in Indy Artsy and is currently accepting holiday pet portrait commissions. Amanda Noftsier is located on the second floor of the North Studios.

Genna Pianki | SO2 |
Impressionistic contemporary painter Genna Pianki will be showing a collection of work from throughout the previous year.  Genna Pianki | SO2 | is located on the second floor of the North Studios.

Kristy Quinn
Sculptural artist Kristy Quinn turns any texture that meets her hands into a work of art, premiering her work at the CCIC, giving visitors a peek into her process. Kristy Quinn is located in S30 on the second floor of the North Studios.

RUCKUS Makerspace
RUCKUS Makerspace – Business Incubator will showcase their makers who will have a wide variety of handmade products available. RUCKUS Makerspace is on the north end of the CCIC, at Door G10, marked by a wooden sign.

Katie Sahm
Become a New Creation artist, Katie Sahm was born and raised in Indianapolis and spends most of her time painting, taking photographs, and attempting to make the world a more beautiful place one day at a time. Sahm works in a variety of media, but all of her pieces reflect her deep love for her faith. Katie Sahm is located on the second floor of the North Studios.

New to the CCIC, Indianapolis-borne Sivavis is a self-taught analog collage artist, specializing in the surreal and bizarre. He will be showcasing a new selection of collages every month. Sivavis is located in S36 on the second floor of the North Studios.

Strung Handmade Décor
Rachel Ferguson will premiere geometric mountain artwork, along with a body of work fresh of a fall arts festival run. Ferguson creates her Strung work by combining nails and string along with hand-painted or cut wood shapes exploring the cosmos or views right here on Earth. Strung Handmade Décor is located on the second floor of the North Studios.

Weeds and Wonder
Lauren Reiner makes her return to Indianapolis, and premieres her 2D mixed media work, “What We Might,” at the CCIC. Reiner describes her art as ethereal, spiritual, and energetic. “I feel that it connects to a part of us that is beneath the surface, continually shaping and reforming, a part of us that is unattached to our social constructs,” said Reiner. She enjoys working with watercolor, acrylic, chalks, pencils, pens, and image transfers of her own photography, to explore the limits and range of each medium. An IU grad raised in Indianapolis, Reiner has a background in black and white photography and digital video, and also teaches creative classes and workshops that incorporate breathe work, movement, self-care, and intentional creative habit strategies. Her show will provide “glimpses of ever-changing layers of being and the space between where we are, and where we want to be.” Weeds and Wonder is located in S37 on the second floor of the North Studios.

About the Circle City Industrial Complex Artists 

The Circle City Industrial Complex (CCIC) is a nearly half-million square foot industrial building, located at 1125 Brookside Ave., and was formerly home to the Schwitzer automotive company. Its industrial appeal remains and artists and artisans have made the space their home, carving cozy studio, work, and show spaces from the concrete and steel structure, and the CCIC Artists have grown in number to over 50 galleries, individual artists and artisans. The main artist entries are the North Studios entrance and the South Studios entrance, each marked with signage along Brookside Avenue. The CCIC provides free parking in a large lot, and is accessible by the Pogue’s Run Trail, connecting to the Monon Trail and the downtown Cultural Trail system. The complex also offers other art-supporting destinations such as the Centerpoint Brewery, Lick Ice Cream, and Ruckus Makerspace.

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