Apr 26 - 28
Ten Minute Play Festival

Ten Minute Play Festival

Presented by IndyFringe at IndyFringe Basile Theater

Mrs. Pete’s Café
by Mitch Vogel
Two friends enter a nearly empty, greasy diner on the Texas Gulf coast. One of them thinks their frumpy waitress might be a Hollywood babe, or is she?
Tree’s Company
by John P. Gallo
A heartbroken woman on a mystical journey is stumped by an unforeseen obstacle—a radical environmentalist blocking the path back to her love.
Good Life Guarantee
by Russell Menyhart
An exhausted mom, a mysterious visitor with a tantalizing offer…when you have a chance to transform your life, do you take it?
Can You Hear Me Now?
by Nicole Amsler.
Three generations of women relate to each other around their comic misunderstanding of the #metoo movement and their cellphones.
Mothers and Daughters,
by Robin Lyster
A stressful morning leads to an unexpected conversation between two generations of women.
A Play on Words
by Sam Hill
Powered through poetry, this play within a play follows young troubled lives, souls that are hoping to make their dreams come true.
Clean Plate Club,
by Andrew Black
A woman at the local mall finds that her shopping trip is interrupted by a long-forgotten (and rather surreal) memory from the past.
Admission Info

$15 Adults / $12 Seniors & Students

Phone: 3175228099

Email: pauline@indyfringe.org

Dates & Times

2019/04/26 - 2019/04/28

Additional time info:

You will have the opportunity to see 7 ten minute plays each performance

Location Info

IndyFringe Basile Theater

719 East St. Clair St., Indianapolis, IN 46202