Aug 04 - 05 2019


Presented by Buck Creek Players at Buck Creek Playhouse

Buck Creek Playhouse will hold open auditions for CLOSED FOR THE HOLIDAYS , a Holiday Play by Flip Kobler & Cindy Marcus, on Sunday and Monday, August 4 and 5, 2019, at 7 p.m. at the playhouse, 11150 Southeastern Avenue. Co-Directors Scott A. Fleshood and Georgeanna Teipen are looking for a diverse group of 4 men, 5 women, and 11 kids/teens. All roles are available.

After a blizzard shuts down the roads on Christmas Eve eve, a motley crew of travelers find themselves stranded at the local community center. From the lovelorn drama teacher with a bus full of students, to the quarrelsome couple on the way to their wedding, to the overeager sheriff ready for some real criminal action, everyone has their own troubles to untangle. But to have a happy holiday, they’re going to need a miracle–or seven, to be exact. CLOSED FOR THE HOLIDAYS is a spirited and heartwarming comedy with a healthy dash of Christmas magic.




SHELBY – Female, 30-50 – Your basic, amazing drama teacher.  Overworked, talented, with a big heart and bigger patience.

RIFKA – Female, 50+ – Shelby’s mother brought along to help chaperone the kids. Snark queen.

COLBY – Male, 30-50 – The bus/van driver who likes Shelby.  His daughter is Drew.

NOLAN – Male, 20-30 – Engaged to Suzy.  A good guy in a bad situation.

SUZY – Female, 20-30 – Totally stressed about their destination wedding, which they can’t get to because the state has been closed

SHERIFF GRIFFIN – Male-age open – Takes his job very seriously.  Loves the drama of it all.

FLO – Female, age open – The building custodian who is a nervous wreck.

KIETH – Male, 30-50 – An old schoolmate of Shelby’s.  Is your basic nightmare—-rich, smart, handsome.  All the things you don’t want to run into when you have been driving a bus for a living.

DEPUTY DOT – Female, age open – The sheriff’s overeager assistant.


RJ – Male – Drama student Believes in the Christmas Curse.  Every bad thing that’s happened to him has been on Christmas Eve and he’s fully expecting something else to go wrong.

BAILEY – Female- Drama student Idealistic, hopeful.

BEAN – Male- Drama student Bailey’s loving brother.

LILLY – Female- Drama student with a capital DRA and MA. She is an “actress” with all that that implies. Very “Method” and eager to explore her craft.

CASSIE – Female- Drama student Really likes RJ but doesn’t get the whole curse thing.

BJORN – Male, late teens – A mysterious and a little odd chap.

DANA – Female, late teens – She’s dressed as an elf but she ain’t no elf!

PINK – Female, late teens – Dana’s younger sister.  Fancies herself like the singer.

TOBY – Female- Drama student Hasn’t done any of her Christmas shopping.

NANCY – Female – Drama student Refuses to speak and is very mime-y.

DREW – Female, late teens – Colby’s daughter who worries very much about her father.

Admission Info

No registration required.

Please arrive prior to 7 p.m. in order to complete your audition form. If you have a resume and headshot, please bring a copy to attach.

Please bring a list of all conflicts from October 2019 through December 2019.

Phone: 3178622270


Dates & Times

2019/08/04 - 2019/08/05

Location Info

Buck Creek Playhouse

11150 Southeastern Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46259