Sep 03 2019
Joy Hernandez, “Happy Go Lucky," and a guided to...

Joy Hernandez, “Happy Go Lucky," and a guided to...

Presented by Butler Arts Center at Butler Arts Center - Clowes Memorial Hall

The collection will be on display until October 10th and available for public viewing during Clowes Memorial Hall’s regular hours, Monday through Friday, 9:30am to 4:30pm. Admission to the guided tour is free, and the tour begins at 6pm.

“It’s got good vibes, and is meant to be relatable and welcoming,” Hernandez said. “It’s meant for people to walk away feeling like they know what’s going on there, they see themselves in the astronaut’s visor or in the energy of the piece. Maybe they’ll even smile or maybe they’ll nod. But they’ll be there.”

About “Happy Go Lucky”

This show marks Hernandez’s return to Clowes, having shown previously in 2010. It will showcase her faceless astronaut character, as well as pieces inspired by the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse film, and other pop culture elements.

“A lot has happened since then, both good and bad, ups and downs,” Hernandez said. “A lot of growth has happened in my life and there’s not a lot of regret with any of it. So, personally, it’s marking a path to get back here.”

Hernandez works in an aerosol-stencil technique concentrating on blending color, while using acrylic brush work to add a rougher element, relishing the challenge of working in the “right” stencil or layer order to complete each piece.

“I’ve come to realize there’s no ‘backsies’ on the work. If I mess up on a stencil or something doesn’t align well, I have to accept it as part of the piece. So there’s a technical challenge, a challenge in not messing up in the first place, and a challenge to accept the outcome no matter what,” Hernandez said.

About Joy Hernandez

A native of Kewanee, Illinois, Hernandez moved to Indianapolis via Chicago, transferring from animation school to journalism, graduating from the University of Indianapolis. “The animation love never really left me and remains a strong element in the style of my work,” she said.

Hernandez started showing art in Muncie, Indiana, before joining the Art Bank, where she was the gallery manager. She is now a three-year FLAVA Fresh artist, and a six-year Walldog, a mural group that transforms small towns with art tourism. Hernandez was the last IDADA president and is currently the president and founder of Full Circle Nine Gallery in the Circle City Industrial Complex.

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Free Admission

Phone: (317) 940-6444


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2019/09/03 - 2019/09/03

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The show will be open during box office hours through October 10th. Check venue website for additional times.

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Butler Arts Center - Clowes Memorial Hall

4602 Sunset Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46208

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