Mar 06 - 29 2020
Ruth Kelly, “Urban Landscapes - Indianapolis” ...

Ruth Kelly, “Urban Landscapes - Indianapolis” ...

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“I’ve always been drawn to street photography, isolating moments from a busy environment,” Kelly said. “I’m interested in the emotional tome a photograph creates, whether revealed on a person’s face, or in a depiction of place. Although street photography and landscapes are classic formats, I think there is an emotional resonance and way of expressing it that is unique to this series. I’m also using a sense of place to say something about an inner landscape.”

About Ruth Kelly

Ruth Kelly was grew up in Washington, D. C., and moved to Bloomington, Indiana, in her late twenties. She relocated to Indianapolis about five years ago and her return to a larger city environment inspired this photography series. Kelly studied art and psychology in college and transitioned from darkroom photography to digital six years ago.

“I’m using photos from different places around the city, whether an office building, a photo from the State Fairgrounds, or the White River, to evoke a feeling, a moment of solitude or isolation, or just a pause in the activity of daily life,” Kelly said. “I take pictures of things around me in my day-to-day life, whether friends or family or street scenes from the places I live in.”

About the Full Circle Nine Gallery

The Full Circle Nine Gallery operates as an artist cooperative gallery, with each of the member artists and the board dividing gallery duties and artists roles. The artists will work together to help each other advance in skill and practice, as well as to bring success to the gallery.

With over two dozen artists occupying a large, three-room space of the more factory-reminiscent portion of the Circle City Industrial Complex, Full Circle Nine offers a wide variety of art forms, media, and approaches.

Full Circle Nine Gallery is located at 1125 Brookside Ave., Indianapolis, IN, 46202, in the South Studios section of the Circle City Industrial Complex. For more information, or for artists interested in joining the Full Circle Nine, please visit

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