Listen to @theroundtable arts podcast

Listen to @theroundtable arts podcast

Presented by Community Education Arts, Inc. at Online/Virtual Space

Contact CEArts via email at to be a guest on our @theroundtable podcast

Programming Note:
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our guests will be with us via telephone or Zoom for the foreseeable future. We record at your convenience, almost any date/time.
Together, with safe distance between us, we will survive!

@theroundtable is our arts-related podcast & short videos series, where we discuss the Arts with writers, musicians, artists, and all kinds of creatives. Join us @theroundtable. We want to talk about YOUR arts journey!

Podcast episodes air on our website,, on Fridays at 4pm (and can also be listened to on all the major podcast host services), and corresponding videos are uploaded to our YouTube channel by Sunday evenings.

Dates & Times

2020/08/07 - 2021/08/06

Additional time info:

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Location Info

Online/Virtual Space