Kenyettá Dance Company

Kenyettá Dance Company




 Indianapolis, IN 46260

Since 2004, Kenyettá Dance Company (KDC) has aspired to be one of Indiana’s most diverse and versatile dance companies.

KDC represents many things to many people. Above all else, KDC continues to be a community of dance artists who experience and express the joy, the promise and the pursuit of artistic excellence. KDC feels that we have a responsibility to share relevant experiences of life from the African American aesthetic into the tapestry of arts organizations in Indianapolis, Indiana and leave an imprint on the communities where we live.

The choreographic works and co-artistic direction of Nicholas Owens and Lalah Hazelwood examine the power of the human spirit through the concepts of strength and agility. Vanessa Owens, Company Co-Founder & Director, says, “when the bodies move, your mind and spirit will soar! This is why Black Dance Matters!”