401 E Michigan St, Indianapolis, IN 46204

BOBDIREX was formed by Bob Harbin in 2010 with help from close friend and business associate, John Austin Butsch. A mission statement was formed “excellent production values with tight budgets, diversity in casting and dedication to the growth of the youth of Indianapolis.” BOOGIE WOOGIE HOLIDAYS will finish out our second year of production, and with strong box office and private sponsorships/donations we are surviving!! The Indianapolis Press has been generous in its praise of our efforts.

We will always be a collection of creative people, located in our city of Indianapolis, dedicated to bringing you the best entertainment possible. I hope you will take the opportunity to become a part of our family on the stage, behind the scenes, as a financial supporter or as a part of our wonderful audiences.

You’re invited to the party. We need you.

Thanks for coming out to the show!!!