Downtown Indy

Downtown Indy




 111 Monument Circle, Suite 1900, Indianapolis, IN 46204

Downtown Indy is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization formed to develop, manage and market Downtown Indianapolis. Downtown Indy exists to continually improve Downtown because the Indianapolis region needs a strong, relevant and vibrant core. The organization makes Downtown a clean, safe, convenient and exciting place to live, work and be entertained. It also helps ensure the maximum return on the $9.1 billion invested in Downtown since 1990 and prepares Downtown for the nearly $3 billion of new investments scheduled for completion by 2017.

Downtown Indy was established in January 1993 as Indianapolis Downtown, Inc. and takes on broader management and economic development responsibilities than its predecessor, the Commission for Downtown. A 38-member board and advisory board direct Downtown Indy.