37 Creative

37 Creative

Alternative Exhibition Space - Commercial Business

Website: http://www.37creative.namelsoftware.com

 5538 Riva Ridge Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46237

I fuse creativity with understanding to deliver a one-of-a-kind solution.

What I do.
It is my goal to understand, create, then deliver a unique solution to my clients. As a creative design agency I serve as a marketing venue to businesses looking for an image that will obtain recognition and familiarity.

Why I do it.
I enjoy meeting people and learning about them and their objectives.
I have a strong interest in lending my talents to assist with their goals. Great connections are what I am after.

How can I help you?
Creating a positive experience is essential to forming great and lasting client relationships. As I learn about you and your branding goals, improving the visibility of your business will become the focus. I offer a variety of directions to give your company’s image a creative boost.

How can you help me?
Providing as much information as possible and the ability to convey your thoughts clearly will be key to your projects success. The more prepared you are in the beginning, the easier and smoother it will be for our project experience. I hope to hear from you soon!

Fine Art?
Yes. You can find me in the Indy Arts Guide "Artist Directory" as well. Just search under my name, Karl Freund.  Have A Great Day!