Mystery Cafe

Mystery Cafe




 838 Greer St, Indianapolis, IN 46203

Fun to do family friendly murder mysteries in Indianapolis that have no nudity or swearing and the murder is a comedy so we don’t gross you out or give the kids nightmares.

Two very funny performers play the main characters in the story while volunteers play the minor characters, which usually includes the murderer and their victim.

Just sit back and enjoy the show or be in the show, your choice.

Dinner is served a course at a time between the acts. Enjoy a great dinner from one of Indianapolis’s finest restaurant The Library Restaurant & Pub. We occupy the banquet room for the fun of a murder mystery while downstairs the regular diners just have dinner without the fun.

For those wanting to be a detective you can make your guess at the end of the third act. We will discover who the killer is in Act 4.

After the show, we present a prize to the person whom best guessed who “dunnit.” The second prize, the most coveted prize in Indianapolis, is the Hammy award which is presented to the best audience character in the show.

Each performance is unique because the audience is directly and deeply involved.

The magic lies in the interaction and unbridled creativity which occur in a room full of people who began the evening as strangers, but go home as friends.