Community Education Arts, Inc.

Community Education Arts, Inc.

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 Noblesville, IN 46060

Community • Education • Arts, Inc. (CEArts) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) Arts organization. CEArts is the home of a variety of Arts-related projects, events, and opportunities for creatives of all kinds. We host online Arts Showcase exhibits, a podcast, short video series, and two annual projects, Noblesville Interdisciplinary Creativity Expo (NICE) (est. 2014) and The Polk Street Review (TPSR) project & book publication (est. 2010). Both annual projects support community participation and involvement by seeking submissions from all kinds of creatives (artwork, music/song lyrics, poetry, prose, photographs, etc) with all levels of experience from amateur to professional. Throughout the year, we offer publishing services, a variety of workshops, guest opportunities for our podcast discussions, short videos, webinars, and more. The annual NICE project presentations event occurs in the Fall and the annual TPSR project’s book launch occurs in February.

CEArts supports the Black Lives Matter movement, and encourages Black artists, musicians, and writers to participate in our arts projects. We also believe that intolerance, racism, prejudice, and discrimination against any persons, in any place, by any human being, by any public or private business, by our schools, and by our government goes against the ideals upon which our democracy must stand — justice, equality, and liberty. We believe the Arts enhance the world we all live in, and that the Arts can work towards justice, equality, and liberty by changing people’s perspectives and by bringing people together. We strive to show the Arts are essential, relevant, vital, and accessible to quality of life FOR ALL. In our arts projects, we’re honored to include creations from artists, writers, and musicians from all over the world from all walks of life.

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