quintana behringer

quintana behringer

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Website: https://quintanabehringer.com


 1125 East Brookside Avenue, Studio 58, IN

Tony Quintana and Maria Behringer first started working together in the arts community of Indianapolis in 2017. Together they co-directed a local gallery promoting artists mainly from the city and throughout the Midwest before they left and founded QB. Throughout 2018-2021, they have continued to grow their practice facilitating exhibitions of contemporary fabric, sculpture, figurative, abstract, photography, installation, etc. more regionally, casting a wider net than just the Indiana corn fields. With Quintana’s Art History background and Behringer’s Fine Arts studies, they have been working under the umbrella of arts marketing and management through quintana behringer. They plan to keep taking exhibitions into unique spaces around the city and help promote local and regional artists. Their offices are currently  located at the Circle City Industrial Complex, Studio 58.