Bookmark Indy

Bookmark Indy

Outdoor Sculpture - Temporary

 1500 N. Delaware St., Indianapolis, IN, 46202

Bookmark Indy is a temporary exhibition of 19 markers connecting literary Indianapolis to actual places in the city.  The life and work of writers Kurt Vonnegut, Mari Evans, Booth Tarkington, John Green, Maurice Broaddus, Adrian Matejka and more are illuminated not only through the place marker, but through a mobile-friendly website featuring contemporary artworks and performances inspired by Indianapolis authors and the places that influenced them, along with immersive audio, video, and photography.

The marker locations are:

  • Avalon Hill:
    • Skiles Test Nature Park, 6828 Fall Creek Rd. (Susan Neville, In the House of Blue Lights; Gary Ledbetter, Murder in the House of Blue Lights)
  • College Park:
    • The Pyramids, 300 DePauw Blvd. (Adrian Matejka, “Ascendant Blacks”)
  • Oldfields/Butler-Tarkington:
    • Virginia B. Fairbanks Art & Nature Park, “100 Acres”, 4000 N. Michigan Rd (John Green, The Fault in Our Stars)
  • Hawthorne:
    • Central State Hospital (former), 3045 W. Vermont St. (writings by Central State patients)
  • Meridian-Kessler:
    • Red Key Tavern, 5170 N. College Ave (Dan Wakefield, Going All the Way)
  • Mapleton-Fall Creek:
    • Shortridge High School, 3401 N. Meridian St. (Madelyn Pugh, Kurt Vonnegut Jr., Dan Wakefield, Marguerite Young: all attended Shortridge)
    • Booth Tarkington Home (former), 4270 N. Meridian St. (Booth Tarkington, XXXXXX)
  • Old Northside:
    • Meredith Nicholson Home, 1500 N. Delaware St. (Meredith Nicholson, The House of a Thousand Candles)
  • Lockerbie Square:
    • 528 Lockerbie St. (James Whitcomb Riley, “Lockerbie Street”)
    • 234 N. Davidson St. (Johnny Gruelle, Raggedy Ann)
  • Mass Ave Cultural District:
    • 345 Massachusetts Avenue (Kurt Vonnegut Jr., “Final Interview”)
    • 448 Massachusetts Avenue (Mari Evans, I Am a Black Woman)
    • Barton Towers, 555 Massachusetts Avenue (Etheridge Knight, “The Idea of Ancestry”)
  • Woodruff Place:
    • 735 Woodruff Place E. Dr. (Booth Tarkington, The Magnificent Ambersons)
  • Indiana Avenue Cultural District:
    • 508 Indiana Avenue (Mari Evans, “Ethos and Creativity”)
  • Wholesale District:
    • City Market Catacombs, 222 E. Market St. (Maurice Broaddus, Pimp My Airship)
    • 10 E. Market St. (C.L. Moore, Black God’s Kiss)
  • Garfield Park:
    • Tube Factory Artspace, 1125 S. Cruft St. (Marguerite Young, “The Middle West of Everywhere”; Alan Helms, Young Man from the Provinces: A Gay Life Before Stonewall)
  • Monument Circle:
    • 1 W. Washington St. (Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., Breakfast of Champions)

Bookmark Indy is a project of Indiana Humanities, managed by Art Strategies LLC. Indiana Humanities is a statewide nonprofit dedicated to making the humanities disciplines accessible to Hoosiers through programs that promote thinking, talking, and interaction, thereby encouraging Indiana minds to create stronger, more vibrant communities.

Medium type: Multimedia - Plastic - Wood

Date created: 2021

Dimensions: 48 in. h. each marker

Location Info

1500 N. Delaware St.

1500 N. Delaware St., Indianapolis, IN, 46202