The Death of Ambition

The Death of Ambition

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Brazilian-born artist Artur Silva creates a digital collage rich with references to pop culture and travel. This desire to seek out new places and knowledge is critical to the survival of humankind. At the center of the mural is a self-portrait of the artist as a modern day Icarus, the Greek mythological character whose pursuit of freedom resulted in his tragic death.

The mural was one of 46 murals commissioned by the Arts Council of Indianapolis as part of its nationally renowned 46 for XLVI mural initiative.

The Death of Ambition was decommissioned in the spring of 2015 as the material the mural was printed on was of a temporary nature.

From the Artist:

“I’m interested in the ephemerality of materials and the evolution of ideas. Death of Ambition has reached the end of its current form. The Arts Council’s commitment to the artist’s  intention is also a commitment to quality. Decommissioning this piece will open up opportunities for other ideas that will continue to reflect on current life and the human condition.” – Artur Silva

Date created: 2011