Celebrating the Hoosier Spirit

Celebrating the Hoosier Spirit

Outdoor Sculpture

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 1202 E. 38th Street, Indianapolis, IN, 46205

Celebrating the Hoosier Spirit is on view outside the 4H Exhibit Hall and Auditorium on the Indiana State Fairgrounds beginning in August 2012.

About the work: The Hoosier spirit is fruitful, strong and resilient. Like a farmer who has lost his crop yet goes out the next year to plant the seed, plow the field, and harvest the corn – the Hoosier spirit finds a way to face tragedy by reaching out to help and continuing the work. When faced with a challenge, Hoosiers respond much like the farmer – we get our hands dirty. We do the work. The strength of the Hoosier spirit is represented in these structures created by sculptor Jamie Dickerson. The exterior surface of these forms imitates the texture and coloring of cornhusk. The conical shape of the husks appears to grow and twist into stylized shelters as they curve upward. Each has an opening inviting viewers to connect with the art, to walk into them and explore the strength, beauty and versatility of this resource: the most productive and versatile crop grown around the world.

Special thanks to: Pike Lumber Company, Akron, IN

Medium type: Steel - Wood

Date created: 2012

Location Info

1202 E. 38th Street

1202 E. 38th Street, Indianapolis, IN, 46205