Chop Stick

Chop Stick

Functional Artwork - Outdoor Sculpture



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 4000 Michigan Road, Indianapolis, IN, 46208

Chop Stick, created by the Swedish architecture duo visiondivision, provides visitors to 100 Acres a place to sit, swing, and enjoy refreshments in an outdoor pavilion crafted almost entirely from a single tree. The 100-foot-tall tulip tree—the state tree of Indiana—was found in a forest near Anderson, Indiana, and transported to 100 Acres with a large portion of its limbs intact. The design for Chop Stick revolves around the architects’ ambition to harvest a material as gently and thoughtfully as possible. 

A few fun facts about the work:

  • The tree weighs more than 6 tons
  • The bark from the tree was removed and kiln-dried to create the shingles that cover the concession stand
  • Slices from the base of the tree trunk form the tops of the tables

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Date created: 2012

Location Info

4000 Michigan Road

4000 Michigan Road, Indianapolis, IN, 46208