Car Culture (3)

Car Culture (3)

Mural - Traffic Signal Box Art


 5501 S. Brookville Road, Indianapolis, IN, 46219

In November of 2013, Foundation East participated in a public art project for the design and painting of seven Irvington traffic signal boxes along Washington Street from Kitley to Emerson Ave. This was completed and met with immense community excitement.

Foundation East’s focus is to transform all the remaining Irvington traffic signal light boxes into community public arts canvases. Aside from creating inspiring public works of art in the eastside, these boxes aid in public safety and provide a sense of community pride in Irvington. 2013’s themes center on two things: Car culture and a farming heritage.

The original idea for painting traffic signal boxes came from IMPD Officer Shane Foley, who recommended painting the signal boxes because it leverages current neighborhood crime prevention activities through environmental design. The Irvington Terrace Neighborhood quickly organized the activity by seeking appropriate government permission, fundraising, requesting local donations and announcing a call for artists. Selected artists received prize money donated by local businesses and organizations.

Designs include one or combination of Irvington’s branding color scheme. Pantone colors: PMS 582, 228, 1595, 130, Cool Gray 11, Cool Gray 8.

Medium type: Paint

Date created: 2013

Location Info

5501 S. Brookville Road

5501 S. Brookville Road, Indianapolis, IN, 46219