92 County Walk- Vanderburgh County

92 County Walk- Vanderburgh County

Historic and modern worlds meet in Vanderburgh County. Located here is a historic Middle Mississippian Indian town of the 14th and 15 centuries.  THe inhabitants built a commercial and religious regional center, which included an eastern mound rising 44 feet and covering four acres. Currently, the county seat, Evansville, is the largest city in southern Indiana.

Feather and multi-colored bead-like fragments crafted from aluminum lie burried in a ridge of stone, sketching an incomplete profile

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Medium type: Ceramic; Stone/Marble

Date created: 2001

Associated artists

David Jemerson  Young
David Jemerson Young
Jeff Laramore
Jeff Laramore


650 W Washington St, Indianapolis, IN, 46204


  • Photo courtesy of the Indiana State Museum


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