American 3.14 Mural

American 3.14 Mural

Artist Ezi Underwood created and installed the images and backgrounds to revitalize this corridor on the Near Eastside of Indianapolis. A crew from Teen Works was a significant part of the creation and installation process. The project was completed with the support of Teen Works and the Rivoli Park Neighborhood. Englewood Church, NEAR, and Recycle Force also provided key logistical supports to make this project happen.

Listen to an episode of Curious Mix that features the mural project HERE.

Category: Mural

Medium type: Acrylic

Associated artists

Ezi Underwood
Ezi Underwood


3701 E 9th St, Indianapolis, IN, 46201


  • Gallery 1 - American 3.14 Mural
  • Gallery 2 - American 3.14 Mural
  • Gallery 3 - American 3.14 Mural
  • Gallery 4 - American 3.14 Mural
  • Gallery 5 - American 3.14 Mural
  • Photo courtesy Lisa Boyles