Atlas Flowers

Atlas Flowers

Two panels mounted on the side of the Shi-Kay Lounge in the Little Flower neighborhood depict a field of calla lilies collaged with print materials, including sheet music and maps of the neighborhood. The mural is a temporary artwork commissioned by the Arts Council of Indianapolis and Keep Indianapolis Beautiful as part of their joint project Indy Art & Seek, on view from summer 2019 through December 2020.

The BRIDGE Collective is a membership organization composed of visual artists, DJs, and ... view more »

Collection: Indy Art & Seek

Medium type: Mixed Media; Paint; Wood

Date created: 2019


  • Gallery 1 - Atlas Flowers
  • Photo courtesy of Alejandra Lagunas

Associated artists

 BRIDGE Collective
BRIDGE Collective


1514 N. Emerson St., Indianapolis, IN, 46219


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