Cole Noble District Mural

Cole Noble District Mural

The triptych mural, created by Shannon M. Johnson, depicts the past, present, and future vision for the Cole Noble District of downtown Indianapolis, Indiana. Funded in part by an Imagine Grant administered through Downtown Indianapolis, Inc., the mural was commissioned in 2011, installed in 2012, and dedicated on May 24, 2012.

Located on the north wall of the Flanner & Buchanan Funeral Center at the corner of College Avenue and Market Street, the Cole Noble District Mural uses three panels

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Category: Mural
Location: Cole Noble

Medium type: Paint

Date created: 2012

Dimensions: 400 sq. ft.

Associated artists

Shannon M. Johnson
Shannon M. Johnson


635 E Market St, Indianapolis, IN, 46202


  • Gallery 1 - Cole Noble District Mural
  • Gallery 2 - Cole Noble District Mural
  • Gallery 3 - Cole Noble District Mural
  • Gallery 4 - Cole Noble District Mural
  • Photo courtesy of Ken Norris


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  1. More photos of this mural, its installation, and the May 24, 2012 ribbon-cutting ceremony are available through the link to the artist’s mural album on Facebook – … As of the mural’s tenth anniversary (May 2022), only the center panel remains. The far left and right panels have been replaced by large windows. The “Medium Type”

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