Flanner House Legends

Flanner House Legends

This black and white mural on Cleo’s Bodega features five portraits of local leaders connected to Flanner House, a non-profit serving the local Black community since 1903. On the far left, Frances Malone was the Director of Education at Flanner House for 42 years. On the left middle side, Frank W. Flanner is the namesake for Flanner House after he donated two buildings to create a Black community service center. In the center, Booker T. Washington is pictured because his accommodationist

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Category: Mural
Collection: Flanner House

Medium type: Paint

Date created: 2019

Associated artists

 Artist Unknown
Artist Unknown


2432 Doctor M.L.K. Jr St, Indianapolis, IN, 46208


  • Cleos Bodega NW side of MLK and Edgemont Flanner House Legends
    ◷ 14-May-21 11:38:20


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