Geometric Traffic Signal Box

Geometric Traffic Signal Box

Bold black and white lines and shapes cover a pastel geometric background on this painted traffic signal box.

Indianapolis’ traffic signal box art program enabled neighborhoods to express their identity, beautify their streets, and discourage “tagging” vandalism of the neighborhood’s traffic signal control boxes (TSBs). The process was neighborhood-driven, with the Arts Council of Indianapolis assisting neighborhoods or other citizen groups by setting a common process, technical standards, and

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Medium type: Paint

Associated artists

Robert Bentley
Robert Bentley


1717 W 10th St, Indianapolis, IN, 46222


  • Utility Box 10th and bellview Artist Unknown W Tenth St, Indianapolis, IN 46222, US Artist Unknown
    W Tenth St, Indianapolis, IN 46222, US ◷ 26-May-21 09:43:03
    Artist Unknown


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  1. This is a Robert Bentley piece.


    • Thank you for letting us know! We will attach your name to the piece in our listing.


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