Here I Reached and the Flowers Bloomed

Here I Reached and the Flowers Bloomed

This mural is dedicated to the surrounding community and features two hands coming together amid symbolic flowers. The flower symbolism includes:

  • Magnolia – dignity
  • Mimosa – sensitivity
  • Witch Hazel – reconciliation
  • Almond Blossom – hope
  • Peony – Indiana’s state flower, good fortune

BA Thomas is an Indianapolis-based independent artist who loves referencing pop culture, symbolism, and other artworks and artists throughout history in her work. In addition to murals, she creates analog & digital

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Category: Mural
Collection: Groundwork Indy

Medium type: Paint

Date created: June 2020

Dimensions: 40x8'

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2940 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. St., Indianapolis, IN, 46208



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