Novi Special (1949)

Novi Special (1949)

Novi Special (1949) is a faithful replica, in limestone, of a car housing the Mighty Indy Novi, a dual overhead cam supercharged V8 engine used in the Indianapolis 500 race from 1941-1966.  The engine’s design caused it to emit a characteristic sound, consisting of both a “scream” and a deep roar:  this sound became associated with the Indy 500 and pleased many racegoers, not only because of its volume but also because it signified the type of power that could result in an exciting crash

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Medium type: Limestone

Date created: 2016


4790 W 16th St, Indianapolis, IN, 46222


  • Gallery 1 - Novi Special (1949)
  • Gallery 2 - Novi Special (1949)
  • Image courtesy Ken Norris