Orchid Garage Mural

Orchid Garage Mural

A vibrant pink and purple orchid flower pops against a blue and purple geometric background in this garage mural. Artist Lucian Agape was commissioned to paint this mural using his signature bright colors and layered details.

Lucian Agape is of Jamaican-Chinese descent, born in Long Beach, California, and currently living and working in Indianapolis. Agape gets inspiration from a variety of sources including pop art, music, and graffiti.

Category: Mural
Location: Garfield Park

Medium type: Paint

Date created: 2020

Associated artists

Lucian Agape
Lucian Agape


2801–2825 Manker St, Indianapolis, IN, 46203


  • Untitled Mural, @LucianAgape_ 2801–2825 Manker St, Indianapolis IN 46203, US Mural, @LucianAgape_ Mural, @LucianAgape_
    2801–2825 Manker St, Indianapolis IN 46203, US ◷ 01-Aug-21 13:12:24
    Mural, @LucianAgape_ Mural, @LucianAgape_ Untitled


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