Peony Fence Mural

Peony Fence Mural

Artist Megan Jefferson painted pink and red peonies on this black privacy fence. Peonies are the state flower of Indiana, and Jefferson often incorporates them into her floral murals.

Megan Jefferson is an Indianapolis painter and has been actively creating work ever since receiving her BFA from Miami University. She has exhibited extensively, regionally, and sells her work to designers and individual patrons. Jefferson’s work shifts in theme depending on the series. She loves to create

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Category: Mural
Location: Bates Hendricks

Medium type: Paint

Date created: 2021

Associated artists


1421–1437 Kennington St, Indianapolis, IN, 46225


  • Untitled Mural, @megsj1art 1421–1437 Kennington St, Indianapolis IN 46225, US Mural, @megsj1art Mural, @megsj1art
    1421–1437 Kennington St, Indianapolis IN 46225, US ◷ 31-Jul-21 16:20:32
    Mural, @megsj1art Mural, @megsj1art Untitled


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