This bronze figure of the Greek goddess Persephone stands on a raised platform in the center of an octagonal pool.  Her right hand is elevated, holding a torch.  The figure is draped from the waist down and has a draped headdress flowing down the back of the sculpture.  A plaque on the front of the statue reads:  “In Ancient Greek Mythology, She, as the daughter of Zeus, and Demeter, was worshipped as the goddess of vegetation.  Returning each spring from the realm of Hades to herald the ... view more »

Medium type: Bronze; Limestone

Date created: @ 1840

Dimensions: 63" x 22" x 16"


  • Gallery 1 - Persephone
  • Gallery 2 - Persephone
  • Gallery 3 - Persephone
  • Image courtesy Ken Norris

Associated artists

Armand Toussaint
Armand Toussaint


4600 Sunset Avenue, Indianapolis, IN, 46208