Quilt Pavement Painting

Quilt Pavement Painting

As part of Lilly Day of Service 2017, five artists worked with Big Car to design a mural for service volunteers to paint. At the intersection of Garfield Drive and Ringgold Ave at the entrance of Garfield Park, “Quilt” was designed by artist Chris Tower. He was inspired by quilt squares featuring geometric elements.


Chris Tower is a 2-D artist in Indianapolis. He often uses acrylic paint, ink, and charcoal on paper or canvas. He leans into abstraction but always starts with a foundation in ... view more »

Category: Mural
Location: Garfield Park

Medium type: Paint

Date created: 2017


  • Gallery 1 - Quilt Pavement Painting
  • Gallery 2 - Quilt Pavement Painting
  • Image Courtesy Ken Norris


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Chris Tower


1000 E Garfield Dr, Indianapolis, IN, 46203