Rolling Rhythm

Rolling Rhythm

“Rolling Rhythm” by artist Dale Enochs in Witten Park portrays the rhythmic cadence and flow of active life through diverse and dynamic forms. The varieties of forms in this sculpture are independently vital yet cohesive, evoking similarities between individuals, families, and neighborhoods that are also independent yet part of a whole. The material of the composition speaks of tradition and heritage unique to Indiana.

Dale Enochs is an artist based in Bloomington, IN. Enochs is an

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Location: City of Fishers

Medium type: Limestone; Steel

Date created: 2008 (dedicated May 8)

Dimensions: 65' x 27' x 15'

Associated artists

Dale  Enochs
Dale Enochs


13300 Saxony Blvd, Fishers, IN, 46037


  • Image courtesy Ken Norris