Rural Rhythm

Rural Rhythm

The city of Avon, Indiana, is quickly being developed but there are still farm fields and wide open spaces. The artist of Rural Rhythm, Megan Jefferson, is attracted to painting those wide open spaces – particularly Midwest landscapes – because she grew up in a small farming community in Northwest Ohio. Skies there are big, colorful fields are everywhere, and the land is flat so you can see for miles.  The first time she visited Avon, the site of the mural, she was reminded of the rural

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Category: Mural
Location: City of Avon

Medium type: Paint

Date created: 2019

Associated artists


7825 E US Hwy 36, Avon, IN, 46123


  • Gallery 1 - Rural Rhythm
  • Gallery 2 - Rural Rhythm
  • Gallery 3 - Rural Rhythm
  • Photo courtesy of Travis Hinkle


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