Seeds of Light

Seeds of Light

Seeds of Light is located in Speedway Trailhead Park along the P&E Trail and honors the history, traditions and values of the Town of Speedway as well as its relationships with its two Sister Cities, the motorsports towns of Motegi, Japan and Varano de’ Melegari, Italy.  The trailhead is an iconic space welcoming both students from its Sister Cities exchanges and all international visitors to the town.

From a distance, Seeds of Light appears as a tall, single-stemmed, flower-like

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Medium type: Glass; Lighting; Paint; Steel

Date created: 2016

Dimensions: 18 ft. h.

Associated artists

Arlon Bayliss
Arlon Bayliss


Speedway Trailhead Park, Indianapolis, IN, 46224


  • Photo courtesy of Arlon Bayliss


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