Single Sail Roundabout

Single Sail Roundabout

As part of an effort to reinforce the identity of certain “waterside” neighborhoods, public art was installed in the centers of three roundabouts in Fishers and Geist. These gateways take the form of sailboats, and are abstracted versions of single-sail, double-sail, and triple-sail craft.

For the roundabout at Fall Creek and 96th Street, a single sail ship was selected for the installation.  The large size is intentional, as a traffic-calming measure:  motorists are not be able to see

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Location: City of Fishers

Medium type: Acrylic; Mixed Media

Date created: 2016

Dimensions: 33' x 22' (incl 8' base)

Associated artists

 Rundell Ernstberger Associates
Rundell Ernstberger Associates


10809 E 96th St, Fishers, IN


  • Gallery 1 - Single Sail Roundabout
  • Gallery 2 - Single Sail Roundabout
  • Gallery 3 - Single Sail Roundabout
  • Image courtesy Ken Norris