Thomas Taggart Memorial

Thomas Taggart Memorial

This memorial was named for Thomas Taggart, mayor of Indianapolis from 1895 to 1901, chairman of the Democratic National Committee from 1900 to 1908, president of the French Lick Hotel Co., a United States senator in 1916 and the founder of Riverside Park. The limestone structure is two stories high and features five open bays defined by arched, columnar supports. The open-sided memorial affords views of the river to the west and of the parkway to the east. Historic photos of the Taggart

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Medium type: Stone/Marble


2420 N. Riverside Dr., Indianapolis, IN, 46208


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  1. What is the status of the Taggart Memorial? Is there a 2022 schedule of performances?


    • Hi, Vincent,

      You can find the Taggart concert schedule at (select Riverside Park). Indy Shakes will also present performances in July. You can find more information here:



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