City of Fishers Releases RFP for Public Art Banners

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City of Fishers Releases RFP for Public Art Banners



City of Fishers releases RFP to integrate public art throughout the Nickel Plate District 

The City of Fishers in partnership with Fishers Urban Development have released a Request for Proposal for a community art project. The art will be showcased on the east side of the parking garage, known as the Edge development, which serves as an entrance point to the City’s downtown area, the Nickel Plate District. Submissions are now being accepted and are due back at City Hall to the community development department and must be stamped no later than noon EST on Thursday, May 5. 

“The recent growth in the Nickel Plate District makes it an ideal location for public art,” stated Mayor Scott Fadness. “The artwork will be showcased in a highly visible area and help further define the space for residents, travelers and businesses experiencing our community.” 

The artwork will be displayed as a series of 7 panels which will each be approximately 23 feet tall and 7 feet wide. Artists are invited to submit up to three sets of design concepts for the project. A maximum of $30,000 has been allocated for the art, intended to cover costs associated with the development of the creative work and the cost of travel so the artist can attend the unveiling. The reproduction of the artwork to the banners and the actual installation will be managed by the City of Fishers and Yeager Properties via a separate budget process. 

“This project is exciting as it provides opportunities for the City to continue collaborating with art advocates,” stated Deputy Mayor Leah McGrath. “The selection community, as outlined in the Community Art Master Plan, will select the finalist. That committee is comprised of members from the city council, Fishers Arts Council, Nickel Plate Arts, local artists and other city staff.” 

The selection committee hopes to have the finalist selected by early August with an early fall unveiling date. Additional details about the unveiling will be distributed as the event approaches. For additional information about the selection process, images of the proposed panels and a timeline, please view the RFP on the City’s website below.


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