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Portrait Artists Sought for Families Affected by COVID-19

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Portrait Artists Sought for Families Affected by COVID-19


The grief this virus leaves in its wake can already be seen in countries like Italy, and it’s apparent that things will get much worse before we see any improvement. This pandemic has revealed the hopelessness many feel every day and placed it into the forefront of our society.

As artists, it may feel like the help we have to offer is superfluous — but this isn’t the case. Art is as important now as it is any other day, if not more. Millions of creators are out there, using their art to tell the stories of misplaced political priorities, illustrating the failings of overwhelmed healthcare systems, and, naturally, helping themselves and others manage the isolation of social distancing with creativity.

And we want to do the same. WE WANT TO HELP.  TO PARTICIPATE VISIT their website.
If you’re feeling the same, please join us in taking up creative arms to combat the grief of COVID-19.

diedfamous is a memorial portrait service. They create memorials to help those coping with the grief that comes with the sudden loss of a loved one. Artists have promoted healing in our own way, but nothing could prepare us for the suffering we are seeing in the world right now.

Next week, they’ll be opening up portrait requests for the families affected by this suffering. They will take on as many as we can, but we’d like to call on you to help out as well. If you are a portrait artist, and you’ve got the free time to contribute — the world needs your talent now. We can provide some relief to those who are hopeless — those who have lost their loved one to COVID-19.

TO PARTICIPATE VISIT  their website.


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  1. Volunteered. Thank you for bringing this to my attention and to the community at large.


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