Steven Sickles

Steven Sickles



   3747 Watson Rd, Indiananpolis, IN, 46205

Delivered by an Admiral of the US Navy on the coast of California on February 8, 1954 makes me an Uber-Aquarian. This biographical point of interest helps to explain my interest in water-based mediums for my paintings.


My greatest artistic heroes are J. M. W. Turner, Francis Bacon, Jasper Johns, Clyford Still and the underappreciated, Eleanor Pierson. They have greatly influenced the way in which I paint but artistic influences have also come from my personal experiences and at entirely unanticipated moments in my life. My history began with parents who believed I was capable of great things without really knowing what form these things might take. If they were hoping for a Louis Pasteur, they never mentioned it. As an adult I met my greatest muse, my biggest fan, and my harshest critic in Dan Pierson whose opinion and encouragement is evident.