Color the County - Whiteland

Color the County - Whiteland

In 2017, Whiteland received its first-ever piece of public art as part of the Johnson County Community Foundation’s “Color the County” program.  The program was begun in 2016 to celebrate the Foundation’s 25th anniversary.  Each year, at least two murals are designed and created by local artists for towns in Johnson County.  For each mural, there is usually a community paint day where locals are invited to participate in the painting of the murals in a “paint by number” system that the ... view more »

Category: Mural
Location: Whiteland

Medium type: Paint

Date created: 2017


  • Gallery 1 - Color the County - Whiteland
  • Image Courtesy Ken Norris

Associated artists

Dave Windisch
Dave Windisch


530 E Main St, Whiteland, IN, 46184


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