The second Marion County Courthouse/City Hall, built in 1876, was located at 200 East Washington Street in Indianapolis, Indiana and featured an elaborate neo-Baroque architectural style. Its architect was Isaac Hodson. The main entrance of the old courthouse faced Washington Street from underneath a 280-foot clock tower and was framed by Marion County’s coat of arms–a shelf supported by Ceres and Vulcan (representing the area’s agricultural and manufacturing prowess) with the motto ... view more »

Medium type: Stone/Marble


  • Gallery 1 - Hebe
  • Gallery 2 - Hebe
  • Gallery 3 - Hebe
  • Gallery 4 - Hebe
  • Gallery 5 - Hebe
  • Gallery 6 - Hebe
  • Taken in June 1962, this photo depicts seven of the eight figures depicting Greek goddesses saved from the demolition of the 1876 Marion County courthouse

Associated artists

 Artist Unknown
Artist Unknown


700 W. 38th St., Indianapolis, IN, 46208


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