Southport Antique Mall

Southport Antique Mall

This hand-lettered sign, displayed outside Southport Antique Mall, proudly displays the business’ name in black letters. Hand-lettered signs are popular with businesses, as they allow the business to express their brand’s unique personality through art, support local artists, and draw the eyes of potential customers.

Location: Southport

Medium type: Paint


Associated artists

 Artist Unknown
Artist Unknown


2016 E Southport Rd, Indianapolis, IN, 46227


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  1. ℝ ℙ

    May I send a informational poster for your bulletin board ?
    Just reply with your mailing address.

    I also have a $35.00 coupon for your non-profit friends fundraising efforts. You keep the proceeds.
    Just ask for it.

    Thank you,
    ⌡im [THE BookMan]


    • Hi Jim! Southport Antique Mall may not be checking comments on this page. I recommend you contact them directly through their website. Hope this helps!
      -Indy Arts


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