Wings of Love

Wings of Love

In this interactive mural, Sombr1’s wings filled with DAVe TOO’s signature SPRAYMONSTERS demonstrate that only through love can one fly high above the sometimes overwhelming challenges and concerns of daily life. Viewers are encouraged to stand before this mural and try on the Wings of Love for themselves, so they may fly to new heights, rising above whatever challenges they may be facing and overcoming all opposition with love. Scan the QR code posted next to the mural to view photos ... view more »

Location: Irvington

Medium type: Paint

Date created: June 24th, 2023

Dimensions: 8'2" x 11'8"


  • Gallery 1 - Wings of Love
  • Gallery 2 - Wings of Love
  • Wings of Love photoshoot


  • 47 second Wings of Love Mural process video

Associated artists



5603 E Washington St, Indianapolis, IN


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