Ann D. Luther

Art quilts are my passion.  They combine color, texture and design together.  My designs are original or reworked traditional.  I love color and my work clearly shows that.  In addition, I love adding a layer of texture, such as three-dimensional pieces.  Most of the time, I start the process with a design in my head which I put down on paper.  I then pull fabrics and start cutting and sewing.  Lots of times my draft is not even close to what I actually made but it is still part of the ... view more »

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Upcoming Events:

Spirit and Place 2017 Stitched Up Power – Athenaeum Gallery  November 4-30, 2017


Reflections – Frankfort 37th Annual Art Exhibition November 10-12, 2017

Winter Market, Eiteljorg Museum – December 2, 2017

Pricing Information:

Pricing range from $5 for a fabric postcard through $600 for a larger piece of hand painted fiber art.


Custom orders can be completed for $90/square foot.

Custom orders for fabric postcards can be done for $5/card.  If the cards are 3D then it is $7/card


BSCE – Purdue University

MA – Webster University


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