Belinda Short

If you talk to me in person, I could probably tell you about one of the things I’m interested in and dive into that, but to explain that I’m a mixed media artist who also sings, streams and teaches is kind of hard to pull together simply.

Though I guess I just did.

I live up in Noblesville, Indiana. I’m currently 42.

My health isn’t great, so I work from home now, and work pretty small because my office is also my art/music studio, though I’d love to have a large studio one day to work on mural

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About My Work:

I really enjoy trying new media, and attempting to find new ways to combine everything I’ve learned into different techniques.

This means that I’ll make anything from books, jewelry making, storytelling, and sculpture to more traditional types of art. I rarely know what I’m going to work on, but I always have multiple projects in the works.

I love depth, and art that takes time to look at. Abstraction is my go to when I just need to let loose. Streaming and learning/teaching techniques that I’ve created has been a great outlet, and I really enjoy art journaling for that reason. I’ve been streaming in some form for 15+ years.

I also really love horror art, and special effects makeup. Sometimes this is incorporated into my art.

Pricing Information:

I try to keep my art very affordable. Most of the pieces are around 9×12 for less than $200.00, generally speaking. I am currently not taking any commissions.


ISU Fine Art


Nickel Plate Arts