Ciera Eadler

Ciera Eadler


Contemporary artist Ciera Eadler works as Cici2275 specializing in creating art through upcycling. Her work is inspired by her many interests in space, street art, fashion, and cars fused with aesthetic techniques acquired through her degree in Visual Communication Design. Ciera works with a wide range of materials, favoring the unwanted and discarded, pushing how those objects are viewed and perceived.


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About My Work:

Ciera’s current ongoing body of work, Forever Framed, is dedicated to upcycling plastic flowers and frames.The flowers are painted, arranged, and then framed.

This ongoing body of work is a great reminder of our impact on the planet. The frames and flowers are collected through thrifting, but the flowers are mostly found in the bins at cemeteries. The plastic flowers cannot be recycled, so they are either burned, emitting those chemicals in the air, or sent to the landfill. It’s a small amount of plastic, but even the tiniest changes can make a world of difference.

Forever Framed goes beyond what meets the eye. It inspires people to look at discarded items in new ways and question whether they can be something more.

Look into the frame, let your imagination run wild, and find the stories within each piece.


Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Communication Design from IUPUI’s Herron School of Art + Design


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