Jennifer Sugarman

Jennifer Sugarman


As long as I can remember I have been making art of some sort. While initially I never planned on being an artist, art has always been a part of my life.

Loving color, I chose painting as my expressive medium. When I first began to make art seriously, my paintings were mostly acrylic and so large I had to climb a ladder to work on them. Out of necessity and convenience I began to paint smaller and smaller paintings using watercolor, and suddenly I realized that I truly loved painting small ... view more »

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About My Work:

I start with a pencil drawing of an idea – a chair, a view of the landscape – but seek to keep it loose so the painting can evolve as I work on it. The end result is often far from what I thought it might be, as I try to let the process take over so the final painting can reveal itself. I use Arches 300lb. watercolor paper and archival watercolor pigments. Many transparent washes are applied to each painting in order to intensify and vary the color palette. One painting takes anywhere from weeks to months to create, as I like to leave a work be, and return to it multiple times with a fresh eye, working until the painting feels finished. While all materials are archival to ensure the long life and beauty of each painting, it is best not to display them in direct sunlight in order to keep the colors pristine and bright.


1974, University of Mississippi, MFA

1971, Northwestern University, BA


National Association of Women Artists


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  • Cambridge Notes, watercolor, 6x4"