Katrina Valuyeva

My life consists of autodidactic learning using books, online tutorials and workshops, driven by the ever-present compulsion to create.

After college (2012) I moved from my parent’s house in New York to Indiana– where I started learning metalsmithing, lapidary and precious metal clay through workshops, books and tutorials online. I am currently focusing on sculptural jewelry and objects using a mixed media approach.

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About My Work:

Through the narratives I share, the personal becomes visible and vulnerabilities- tangible.

My work provides physical connections to the immaterial world of cultural myths and lore. Tales inspired by literature and ordinary life are assembled into sculptural interpretations created from unassuming mediums such as stones, metals and plastic.

The themes in my projects are subtle melancholy and narrative fantasy. Constructing the new and recognizable imagery often blurs the line between sculpture and jewelry as well as fiction and truth. While not everything I make can be worn, I plan to continue exploring the idea of creating objects that are designed with the potential to be wearable but would expose things about ourselves we often keep private, if worn.

While I draw inspiration from my own experiences, ultimately, the objects are a result of my reflections on what I think are our commonalities as human beings: our private struggles, contradictions, intimate doubts and search for connection and understanding among one another.


6/15 First Place Winner, Figures of Speech
Anderson Center for the Arts
Anderson, IN

6/15 Lapidary of the Month Award
Rock & Gem Magazine (7/15 issue)

2/15 Shirley Despot Award for Mixed Media
77th Annual Student Show
Indianapolis, IN


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