Ki Ricks

Kiana Renee Ricks (Kee-Auna Reh-Nay Riks) goes by Ki; the creator of Ki Re Abstracts, LLC. A gifted artist out of Indianapolis, Indiana. She first fell in love with art at the tender age of 8. She was first introduced to sketch drawings by her late brother, Wilson L. Ricks II, who took time to teach the young Ki the basics of art.
“Yeah, my brother was the best! He would draw Superman, Scooby-Doo crew, and Run DMC (a well known 80’s hip-hop group),” she laughed. “I learned a lot of things from

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About My Work:

I am a visual arts artist that is geared towards making any space look and feel exclusive, distinctive, and enriched with inspiration. I specialize in very unique wall decor, using different textures and styles with virtuosity.

Pricing Information:

Prices start at $80, depending on size of canvas.