Kori Boone

Kori Boone


Artist Statement:

Intuition is a guiding hand in my decision making process, from color schemes to composition and subject matter. I draw how I feel, and hidden meaning often lurks behind surfaces of oil paint, charcoal, graphite, and other various media. My hands are often my main instrument, bridging the intimate connection between maker and creation.
Each work fluctuates in style, just as my day to day mood and demeanor do. My art is a refusal to remain stagnant; each piece a subconscious

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About My Work:

My work is dark and surreal, often times coupled with undertones of whimsicality. I like to present the macabre as something familiar and inviting, twisting one’s perception on creatures misunderstood as threatening. I enjoy being consumed in the details, both literally and metaphorically. I work almost exclusively in 2D.

Pricing Information:

$10-$250; based on size, medium, style, and intricacy. I work to price my work at all levels so that it can be attained by all groups.


  • Still Life with Skull and Rabbit