Landon Caldwell

Landon Caldwell


Landon Caldwell is a composer and multi-disciplinary artist in Indianapolis whose work examines environment, family, & class through the language of intuition and other hidden layers of reality. Through sound, words, color and other materials, his work creates environments that redirect attention to the present and open new realities through the minutiae of the everyday.

Since 2016 he has co-operated Medium Sound, producing a number of the label’s releases. From 2017 to 2020 he was a

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stereo and spatial mixing, original compositions & scores, album production, installations, and creative workshops & lessons

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Art & Seek participating artist

Puffin Foundation grant recipient

Cat Head Press resident artist

Big Car Collaborative Power Plant Grant recipient

#IndyKeepsCreating grant recipient


  • Gallery 1 - Landon Caldwell
  • Gallery 2 - Landon Caldwell
  • Gallery 3 - Landon Caldwell
  • Loom virtual sound environment for Gallery One at Indiana State Museum


  • This music was created using a generative synthesis engine I programmed. It is run controlling various synthesizers including self-programmed digital synthesizer, as well as FM, wave-table, and analog.rnThis is a collection of sounds that have been featured in some of my installation work, as well as other recorded work.

  • This music was created for the seventh annual Shitsurai exhibition at The Terminal Gallery, a Kyo-machiya townhouse in Kyoto, Japan. It was created in collaboration with the photographer Lane Diko for a site-specific installation in the underground bomb shelter space of the building.

  • Landon Caldwell & Flower Head Ensemble blur the line between improvisation and composition on their debut album, “Simultaneous Systems”. Recorded remotely in Indianapolis, Asheville, Chicago and San Francisco, all players recorded improvisations to a morphing tone independent of the others. Those takes were compiled and arranged by bandleader Caldwell with intuition as a guide. The result is a stunning spiritual jazz album for the contemporary era, melding shimmering ambience alongside ecstatic free flowing spontaneity. The project brings together Mac Blackout and Tom Lageveen on alto sax, Nick Yeck-Stauffer on trumpet, K. Dylan Edrich on strings, Mark Tester on vibes/synth, Thom Nguyen on drums/percussion and Landon Caldwell on electric piano, organ, synth, voice and pan pipes. It’s a powerful debut befit of the times.